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Panic Away Review

The "Panic Away program is aimed at helping panic attack sufferers understand and manage their symptoms better and possibly eradicate them for good.

Understanding Panic Attacks
The fact is that it is not easy to pinpoint the cause of panic attacks, given that panic is a natural body response in humans. However, where it becomes a problem is when it appears for no apparent reason.

Anxiety and panic are the body’s natural response to danger or threat. The response is meant to prepare the body for a fight or flight situation, hence the name fight/flight response. In fact, panic is actually meant for protection purposes. In primeval times, it was essential that when the body detected danger, an automatic response would spring into action, causing the individual to act immediately, for instance by either fleeing or attacking.

This is still the case with modern life, but unfortunately, the complexities of modern life often cause undesirable things when important automatic response happens. In the modern life, there are a multitude of things that can trigger this automatic response, and many times, the consequences become uncontrollable in most people.

Barry McDonagh Scammer?

The "Panic Away" Program, by Joe Barry Mcdonagh, comprises of a break through theory about behavioral modification that aims to treat panic attacks and related disorders. Essentially, this theory teaches the sufferer ways to gracefully accept their condition and altering the way that their mind reacts to the triggers of the panic attacks. The "Panic Away" Program is very popular because it does not require a medical professional to be done. You can do it all by yourself at home.

The program uses a natural approach to train a person’s brain and change the way someone perceives anxiety and panic attacks. By doing this, it allows the person to manage their episodes and learn how to control them. If panic attacks are not well managed, they can potentially destroy someone’s life.

The "Panic Away" Program is highly revered and employs similar techniques like those employed by medical doctors at hefty costs. While several medications have been developed to manage the symptoms of panic attacks, most of those medications have severe side effects, some of which are life threatening. In fact, several hundred deaths are attributed to side effects of anxiety related medication. Over dosage and withdrawal effects are among the most rampant terrible side effects of anxiety medication. Moreover, even if you somehow manage to tolerate the side effects, you would have to spend the rest of your life on the medication.

With the "Panic Away" Program, the focus is on behavioral modification. There are no drugs and addictive medications.

The "Panic Away" behavioral theory is split into three phases – the Trust, Accept, and Persist phases.

The trust phase is aimed at eliminating panic attacks. Here, you will get the low down on the fight/flight response process and how it influences panic or anxiety disorders in individuals that suffer from those symptoms. You will also learn how a panic attack manifests so that you can tell way in advance and take the measures explained in the subsequent stages to control those symptoms. There are also many real-life examples in form of case studies (such as phobias and fears), and finally, you will learn the break through technique for containing panic situations known as ‘The One Move Technique’.

The One Move Technique

The second phase – also called the Accept stage – is aimed at eliminating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). There are many techniques and mental exercises aimed at eliminating undesirable anxious thoughts. More importantly, there’s a section about diet and how it affects panic and anxiety disorders. There’s a lot of advisory information about diet and herbal supplements that help in the management of GAD. There’s another section about phobias as well and several distraction methods to avert anxiety.

The last stage is called ‘Persist’. This stage contains detailed explanations of the symptoms and effects of a panic attack. It explains the sensations that you feel when going through a panic attack, some of which mimic the onset of a heart attack, such as nausea, palpitations, sweating, stiff chest, shallow breaths, fainting or passing out, and tingling sensations in the hands, among others. Once you understand that these are normal sensations associated with panic attacks, you will learn to contain them and with time, they will disappear.

Advantages of the Panic Away Program
The best thing about the Program is that it is entirely a natural approach, so you don’t have to worry about side effects. Moreover, unlike medications, the techniques taught in this program aim at eliminating the root cause, not the symptoms.

Most of all, when you purchase this program, you get access to one-on-one sessions with the author. It’s a great way to air out your worries to someone who is an authority on the subject and get direct help.

The "Panic Away" Program was created by Joe Barry Mcdonagh, who himself went through years of traumatizing panic attacks until he learnt how to manage his condition naturally after a period of 10 years. You can be sure that he knows from firsthand experience what he’s talking about. When you purchase the program, it will be delivered to you in form of an eBook guide. Although the techniques are proven, you need to put in a lot of effort to get the best results. The "Panic Away" will, without a doubt, assist and help you overcome your panic attacks easily and successfully!

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I know panic attacks and anxiety are no fun or easy matter. It cripples one life and can make you feel scared and worried 24/7. I know this because I had panic and anxiety disorder before. In fact, I used to provide free tips on how to cure panic attacks in the past. I even compiled my panic attacks progress and created several effective tips on how to get rid of panic attacks instantly with fast relief. What's more interesting is when I applied the One Move Technique taught in Panic Away with my coping techniques, I manage to get over my panic attacks and anxiety much more faster and effectively. Like bread and butter, they are complementary to each other.

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  • The Panic Attack Solution
    This ebook contains all my findings, coping techniques and 'theories'. It is all my years of research as I was struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. It contains 17 effective techniques to cope or overcome your panic or anxiety attacks. I also explain how to sleep peacefully and soundly even when you have panic or anxiety attacks. Yes, I know how terrible and hard it is to sleep when you're having anxiety or panic attacks. I found a solution to them and it's in this ebook.
    Technique on how to stop depersonalization or derealization instantly and effectively. I even shared the BEST herbs to seek instant relief and also a list of alternative and safe herbs to substitute antidepressants like prozac or tranquilizers like lorazepam!

  • How To Build Your Self Esteem
    Panic and anxiety disorder can really affect one's self-esteem. Victims feel their life is pointless to be living in a constant cycle of anxiety. We all know such negative beliefs are nonsensical. We know it's not true, but we just can't shake those negative thoughts out. Well, that's the result of poor self-esteem. This ebook will guide you to get over your low self-esteem and build them back quickly.

  • Boosting Self-Confidence
    Self-confidence plays a huge role in your recovery. A person with high self-confidence finds any obstacles easy to overcome. High self-confidence gives you the daredevil-like personality that just takes action and face your problems straight on without second thoughts and worry! That is how important self-confidence is! I even explained a lot more about how much self-confidence helps in your recovery in my ebook - The Panic Attack Solution.

  • Goal Setting
    I also cannot emphasize the importance of goal setting. It could be getting a car in 6 months or even to get over your panic attacks in 2 weeks. Goal setting WORKS and I can swear my life on that. Even when you're not focusing on your goals, your subconscious mind is! That is how powerful it is. And this ebook will guide you step-by-step to set realistic and achievable goals.

  • Giant Book of Natural Remedies
    Anxiety can cause one to have muscle cramps and sometimes the sudden urge to go to the toilet.
    Whatever it is, this ebook provides a list of natural home remedies to get rid of them.
    This ebook is like an encyclopedia - hundreds of health problems with remedies explained.

  • Natural Depression Cures
    Depression could be the cause of your panic attacks OR your prolonged experience with panic or anxiety attacks could be the trigger of your depression. Whatever it is, it needs to be eliminated. That is what this ebook is about. Proven ways to get rid of your depression quickly and effectively.

  • Yoga For Beginners
    Many therapists have recommended people with Anxiety or Panic Disorder to take up Yoga. Why?
    Well, Yoga has proven to build mental clarity and peacefulness. This, in effect, helps lessen your panic attack or anxiety attack from recurring.

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